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In this Course, we will review many aspects that contribute to the substance use disorder counselors’ cultural competence. Information and knowledge are a vital aspect of a competent counselor, putting that information and knowledge into practice is not always easy.

Honest self-evaluation helps us to grow our competence as a professional. Throughout this course we will ask you to reflect on yourself and your abilities.

The Basics

Course Navigation Panel

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Course Time

This course will take you approximately 4.0 hours to complete.



The navigation panel is on the left of the screen. Click to move between lessons. Press the carat to expand topics and quizzes.

To complete a topic or lesson, press the Mark Complete button at the botton of the page.

Your progress is recorded in the Navigation panel and the next lesson will appear on the screen. You must press the Mark Complete button to complete a lesson or topic.

Quizzes and Assessments

Some lessons will have topic quizzes or self-assessments which you must complete to pass the course. You can take these multiple times as needed.

Helpful Tools

AUDIO: Press and pause the audio player to hear the lesson.

PROGRESS BAR: Displays your progresss as a percentage.

MATERIALS: The materials section holds publications referenced through out the course. The documents are downloadable for your future reference. The Materials tab is located next to the Course tab, under the progress bar.

Certificate of Completion: At the end of your training, if you have completed all topics, lessons, and quizzes you will receive a completion certificate.

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