AGMC DUI Program Development

DUI Program Development

AG Management Consulting brings over 90 years of experience in DUI Program Development to your next project.

Licensing Packages • Fee Increases • Title 9 Regulations • Policy and Procedure Development • Forms • DUI Program Education Curriculum

 DUI Program Development Services

  • In collaboration with program, AGMC will assist with the development of licensing packages, fee increase requests, intern program processes, program forms and contracts, providing the program with a professional and Title 9 compliant submission.
  • Develop written procedures designed to inform staff and streamline processes.
  • Analyze the current structure for opportunities to enhance services and increase return on company investment.
  • Assist with the implementation of new processes or curriculum to create “buy-in” by existing personnel and ensure ongoing success.
  • Analyze current website, marketing material, documents, and forms, and suggest enhancements to increase and clarify the program.
  • Perform “pre-audit” activities to assist the program with County and State regulatory compliance.

Every DUI Program is unique. AG Management Consulting works with you to ensure successful submissions to DHCS!


Take a Look at Our Results

  • 100% success with all Fee Increase requests to DHCS.
  • 100% success with all Licensing Packages submitted to DHCS resulting in new DUI Programs in the State of California
  • 100% success with Intern Programs submitted to DHCS.


AG Management Consulting Delivers Results

DUI Program Education Curriculum

Affordable • Professional • User Friendly

Professional curriculums designed for DUI Program services by California DUI Program experts. The AGMC DUI Group, Education and Re-Entry curriculums are compliant with the California Code of Regulations, Title 9, Programs for Impaired Drivers regarding group and education requirements, and incorporate best practices for substance use disorder counseling and education.

Implementing a new curriculum into the program structure requires the proper tools, training, and overall management commitment. The purchase of the AGMC curriculums includes staff training in-person or virtually and implementation assistance in-person or virtually. AGMC is committed to assisting the program with successful implementation. Your success is our success.