California DUI Program Curriculum

Affordable • Professional • User Friendly

Professional curriculums designed for DUI Program services by California DUI Program experts. The AGMC DUI Group, Education and Re-Entry curriculums are compliant with the California Code of Regulations, Title 9, Programs for Impaired Drivers regarding group and education requirements, and incorporate best practices for substance use disorder counseling and education.

Implementing a new curriculum into the program structure requires the proper tools, training, and overall management commitment. The purchase of the AGMC curriculums includes staff training in-person or virtually and implementation assistance in-person or virtually. AGMC is committed to assisting the program with successful implementation. Your success is our success.

DUI Group Curriculum

  • 27 Group Topic participant worksheets in English and Spanish.
  • Each topic includes facilitator instructions and content information.
  • Staff training included with purchase.

DUI Education Curriculum

  • Six to ten (depending on program structure), 2-hour Education Modules in English and Spanish.
  • Interactive PowerPoint presentation for each module with built in notes for instructor.
  • Printable instructor manual for each Module.
  • Participant worksheet for each module English and Spanish.
  • Staff training included with purchase.

Re-Entry Curriculum

  • 6 Re-Entry Modules in English and Spanish with participant worksheet.
  • PowerPoint presentation for each module with instructor manual and supporting documents.
  • Participant worksheet for each module English and Spanish.
  • Staff training included with purchase.

Benefits of AGMC DUI Program Curriculum

  • Reduce company liability.
  • Increase client engagement.
  • Create teamwork between co-workers.
  • Less stress and less case management for counselors.
  • Provide a professional tool the company and counselor can be proud to administer.
  • An exciting, dynamic way to present information that is timely and relevant.
  • Down to earth easy to understand terminology and presentation for clients.
  • Education curriculum provides a seamless transition from power point graphics to video media.
  • Group and Education curriculum provide a highly interactive process between clients and facilitators.
  • Flexibility to expand on any topic clients show particular interest in.
    Affordable, easy to implement, and training is included with purchase.
  • The AGMC curriculums were built by California DUI Program experts. We know the clients, we know the counselors, we know the DUI program business.

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Curriculums can be purchased as a set or separately as needed. Payment plans are available upon request. Purchase is for use in one DUI licensed location (including the licensed programs satellite), additional company owned licensed DUI Programs receive a 40% discount. The additional location discount is offered with the expectation that the training of all locations will be combined. If the company prefers separate trainings for each location, they will still receive the discount, but additional training costs will apply. AGMC offers a 5% discount to CADTP Organizational Members.