On-Call SUD Counselors

Your Staffing Solution

AG Management Consulting, LLC (AGMC) provides contracted executive and administrative services. As a result of the pandemic, we have seen a need within the field for coverage of counselor direct services to clients. With the integration of Telehealth, you can have experienced Counselors available when you need them.

AGMC employs Counselors who are ready to provide SUD services. Our On-Call SUD Counselors are the answers to your staffing issues.

AGMC counselors are experienced in providing direct client services, are fully registered or certified in compliance with State requirements and are versed in Telehealth Best Practices. Best of all they have a passion for providing clients with a meaningful experience, whether it is a onetime coverage opportunity or a longer assignment.

Let AGMC take the burden of payroll and associated taxes, workman’s comp, sick time, vacation time, retirement benefits, etc. We assume the responsibility of monitoring our counselor’s registration and certification and you can be assured that the counselor providing your services are in up to date with their registration and certifications.

How it works

1. Contact AGMC with your coverage needs.

2. The AGMC expert Scheduler will work with you to obtain the information needed to provide your service, i.e., schedule of sessions, telehealth log in links, and documentation needs for each service to ensure compliance with your program structure.

3. The AGMC Scheduler will provide you with an hourly cost.

4. You will be sent a contract and invoice. Once the contract is signed and returned you will be paired with a counselor(s). AGMC will provide you with the counselor’s resume and registration or certification for your records, so you are always prepared for an audit.

5. The AGMC Scheduler will be the main contact for any troubleshooting, follow up paperwork, or other needs.

On-Call SUD Counselors

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We look forward to providing your solution for quality counselor coverage. Please reach out to us with any questions.