9868 Proof of Enrollment Certificates Copy

(a) The DUI program shall issue a Proof of Enrollment Certificate (Form DL 107, Revised 7-06) to the Department of Motor Vehicles upon request at any point during the period of enrollment. The DUI program shall complete the certificate in electronic format, or by typewriter or by printing legibly in ink. The Proof of Enrollment shall have a unique, pre-printed number, assigned by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and shall be completed and issued pursuant to Section 120.01 of Title 13.

(1) The program director may sign the Proof of Enrollment Certificates and may designate up to two employees to sign the certificates.

(A) If the program director authorizes a designee to sign Proof of Enrollment Certificate on his/her behalf, the DUI program shall retain a copy of the written authorization in its files.

(B) The Proof of Enrollment Certificate shall not be signed until the individual signing has verified that the participant has completed enrollment forms including a participant contract and fee payment agreement.

(b) The DUI program shall maintain a program log, typed or printed in ink, to record the receipt, issuance and/or other disposition of each numbered Proof of Enrollment Certificate. At the DUI program’s option this program log may be in electronic format if a certificate is issued electronically. The log shall contain, at a minimum, the information listed in subdivision (f)(5).

Note – Additional information regarding hard copy DL 107 sections (c) through (e).

(f) If an eligible participant requests a Proof of Enrollment certificate because the participant was referred by the court and the court requires a copy, the DUI program shall:

(1) Issue the original copy of the Proof of Enrollment Certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicles;

(2) Issue the court copy to the court of conviction;

(3) Provide the participant copy to the participant or a receipt, if submitted electronically;

(4) Retain the program copy in the participant’s record; and

Note: DL107 log instructions section (5) (A) – (E), lost or destroyed hard copy DL 107 section (g) – (h).

(i) The DUI program shall issue a Proof of Enrollment Certificate exclusively to participants who have enrolled pursuant to Section 9848.

(j) The DUI program shall issue a Proof of Enrollment Certificate only for the type of program specified on the license issued by the Department.

(k) The DUI program shall not sell or transfer Proof of Enrollment Certificate to another DUI program or to any other entity.

Note – Lost or stolen hard copy DL 107 instructions section (l) – (M).