9860 Additional County Requirements Copy

a) The county may mandate additional requirements, beyond the scope of program services required in Article 2 (commencing with Section 9848), Subchapter 3 of this Chapter, only if the county has received prior approval to do so from the Department in accordance with this regulation. Such requirements shall be known as “additional county requirements”.

(1) To request approval for additional county requirements, the county alcohol program administrator shall submit a written request to the Driving-Under-the- Influence Program Branch, Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, 1700 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814-4037. The request shall specify

(A) The additional county requirements for which approval is requested;

(B) How the licensee will notify the participant of the additional county requirements; and

(C) How the licensee will determine that the participant has complied with the additional county requirements.

(b) If the county elects to mandate additional county requirements, the county shall select one or more activities from the following list of activities as the additional county requirements for all programs in the county:

(1) Attending alcohol- and other drug-related self-help group meetings.

(2) Completing alcohol- and other drug-related community service;

(3) Attending victim impact panel presentations by members of a nationally recognized organization that advocates against driving-under-the-influence;

(4) Completing institutional visits (e.g. tours of prisons, jails, hospitals, or county morgues);

(5) Maintaining a scrapbook of articles related to alcohol abuse or use of illicit drugs;

(6) Completing reports on books, videotapes, or audiotapes related to the abuse of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs; or (7) Personal growth and development workshops related to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

(c) If the county selects participation at self-help groups as an additional county requirement, the county shall develop a list of self-help groups available for participant attendance.

(1) If the list includes sectarian groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, the list shall also include non-sectarian groups.

(2) The county shall select an alternative activity if:

(A) The only self-help groups available in the county are sectarian in nature; or (B) Non-sectarian groups are not available or accessible to the participant.

(d) The county shall not require the licensee to require the participant to read, watch, or listen to material about or provided by a self-help group if the participant informs the licensee that he/she disagrees with sectarian principles advocated by the self-help group. The county shall require the licensee to allow the participant to complete an alternate activity from the list of activities shown in Subsections (b)(2) through (7) of this regulation.

(e) The county shall not mandate any additional county requirements not listed in Subsection (b) of this regulation.

(f) The county shall require each licensee in the county to mandate the same additional county requirements for every participant, except as specified in Subsection (c) of this regulation.

(g) Time shall be credited as follows:

(1) On an hour for hour basis for the activities listed in Subsections (b)(1) through (b)(4) and (b)(7) of this regulation.

(2) The county shall determine the specifications for a completed scrapbook, such as number of articles to be included, number of pages, types of articles, format, and the number of hours to be credited.

Note – Reference your Title 9 for hours for each program level (h) (1) though (7).

(i) The county may increase the number of hours of additional county requirements the participant is required to complete if the participant is reinstated following dismissal from the program. Each time the participant is reinstated, the number of hours of additional county requirements may be increased by one hour per week for the remaining time the participant is enrolled in the program, so long as the participant is not required to complete a total of more than five hours of additional county requirements per week.

(j) The costs of additional county requirements (to the extent that there are any costs) shall be included in the program fee approved in accordance with Section 9878. The licensee shall not impose any additional fee for additional county requirements.

(k) The licensee shall not require the participant to complete any additional county requirements unless they have been selected by the county and approved by the Department in accordance with this regulation.

Note – Additional information is available in Additional County Requirements section (l) (1) – (6)