9852 Educational Sessions Copy

(a) Educational sessions shall be no less than one hour and no more than two hours in length. Time allowed for breaks shall not be counted toward meeting the number of hours for educational sessions in accordance with Section 9851.

(b) DUI program staff who conduct educational sessions shall meet the staff qualifications required in Section 9846(b).

(c) Educational sessions shall be informational in content and instructional in manner of presentation. Educational sessions may consist of lectures, seminars, films, audio tapes, written exercises, or any combination thereof. Educational sessions shall include information regarding the following topics:

(1) The use and effects of alcohol and other drugs.

(2) The nature of addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

(3) Impairment of driving abilities, skills, and judgment caused by consumption of alcohol or other drugs.

(4) Alternatives to the abuse of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs, including discussion of how abstinence, additional county requirements, ancillary services, and participation in self-help groups, assist the participant to recognize the effects of chemical dependency and understand the recovery process.

(5) The effects of alcohol or other drug use on the individual, the family, and society.

(d) The DUI program shall encourage participant discussion during educational sessions.

(e) A participant shall not attend more than one educational session per calendar day.

(f) The DUI program shall limit attendance at educational sessions to a maximum of 35 program participants.