9851 Program Services To Be Provided – 3 Month First Offender Copy

(1) Twelve hours of educational sessions, provided in accordance with Section 9852.

(2) Ten hours of group counseling sessions, provided in accordance with Section 9854.

(3) Eight additional hours of program services, consisting of educational sessions, group counseling sessions, or a combination of the two, at the option of the DUI program and as approved by the county alcohol and drug program administrator.

(4) A minimum of three face-to-face interviews, provided in accordance with Section 9858. The DUI program shall conduct the initial face-to-face interview within 21 days of enrollment, and the second face-to-face interview at the midpoint of the program. The final face-to-face interview shall serve as the exit interview. At the DUI program’s option, more than three face-to-face interviews may be provided so long as the participant is not charged for the additional face-to-face interviews.

(5) Any additional county requirements approved in accordance with Section 9860.