9849 – Assessment of Participant

a) Within the first 60 days of participation, the DUI program shall complete an assessment of each participant’s alcohol or drug use. The assessment shall address patterns and history of alcohol and other drug use, addiction treatment history, gender, age, work status, family substance abuse history, legal history, and current health status.

(b) Alcohol and drug assessments shall be conducted by DUI program counselors who meet the staff qualification standards listed in Section 9846(c).

(c) The counselor conducting the assessment shall discuss the results of the alcohol or drug assessment with the participant.

(d) As part of the assessment, the counselor shall recommend any ancillary services he/she thinks would be potentially beneficial to the participant. Ancillary services recommended should be appropriate to the individual participant and available nearby. The counselor shall record the results of the participant’s alcohol or drug assessment, the follow up discussion, and the recommendations for ancillary services in the participant’s case record. The referral process for ancillary services must be in accordance with Section 9862.

(e) The participant and the counselor shall sign and date the results of the assessment and follow up discussion.