9846 – DUI Program Interns Copy

 (f) The DUI program may employ interns to conduct counseling or educational sessions. As used in this regulation, an “intern” is an entry level, paid staff member who does not have a minimum of 2,080 hours of experience in providing educational or counseling services to persons with alcohol and/or other drug problems.

Prior to employing interns, the DUI program shall provide the Department with a description of its intern program, which shall comply with the following requirements:

(1) Interns may not comprise more than 20 percent of the DUI program’s counseling staff.

(2) The DUI program shall designate a staff member who is licensed or certified pursuant to Chapter 8 (commencing with Section 13000) as the coordinator of its intern program.

(3) Prior to conducting services without direct supervision, each intern shall observe at least three hours of face-to-face interviews, 12 hours of educational classes conducted by staff who meet the requirements of Subsection (b) of this regulation, and 20 hours of group counseling sessions conducted by a certified counselor. The DUI program shall document the sessions in the intern’s personnel record.

(4) The intern coordinator shall provide individual progress reviews with each intern on a weekly basis as long as the intern is employed as an intern or until the intern meets the requirements of subdivisions (b) and (c). The DUI program shall document individual progress reviews in the intern’s personnel record.

(5) Administration and associated costs of interns may be allocated over as many alcohol and drug treatment programs within a given agency as use interns, proportionate to the number of interns used by each program.

(g) As used in this regulation, “a year of experience” means 2,080 total hours of full or part time, compensated or uncompensated, work experience.