Title 9 Regulations - DUI Staff Training

Title 9 California Code of Regulation for Driving Impaired Programs


You will earn 8.0 CEUs for the successful completion of this course.

This course include a review of the key aspects of Title 9 regulations governing Driving Under the Influence programs. The 8-hour training includes a review of regulations applicable to State, County, and Program administrators (licensing, deficiencies, etc.). This training limits the review to the programmatic regulations which govern the provision of services. 1 Hour – History and efficacy of DUI Program treatment. 7 Hours – Title 9 California Code of Regulations for Impaired Driving Programs Sections.

This course covers a portion of the educational topics required for the educational portion of the CADTP DUI Treatment Counselor Credential. https://cadtpcounselors.org/specialty-credentials/

Course Objectives

  • Review the DUI Program System.
  • Explore key points of Title 9, Chapter 3.
  • Familiarize attendees with the Tittle 9 document for ease of future use.


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