Relapse Prevention


Learn the counseling skills to help your clients avoid a relapse with relapse prevention skills. Based upon the teachings of Gorski, Motivational Interviewing skills, SAMHSA Tip 41, and more, this training includes awareness, knowledge and skill-based objectives that motivate students to explore and define Relapse and Relapse Prevention. Substance use causes chemical changes which set users up for cravings which can lead to relapse, and internal and external triggers. The counselor’s role to help the client identify early relapse signs and develop relapse prevention strategies, and the importance of  empowering the client in the treatment and recovery process. Throughout the training the student is provided resources to assist their direct work with clients and on-going education skill building.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe key skill sets that reflect the MI approach to client care.
  • Distinguish the demographics of clients, one size does not fit all.
  • Incorporate the spirit of MI into all aspects of the treatment experience.
  • Feel confident when treating the client as the expert in their life.
  • Avoid a confrontational approach.

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