Cloned DUI Program Fees

The intent of the California State Legislature in developing the legislation that created the California DUI Treatment System was to have a treatment system for DUI offenders that would be self-funded and all services would be paid for by the individual program participant at no taxpayer expense.

The legislation mandated that part of the participant fees collected would be provided to the state and counties to cover their costs in providing regulatory oversight to the statewide system.

Approximately 120,000 individuals receive counseling and education through the statewide system annually.

Excerpt from Title 9

9822. DUI Program Licensing Fees

(a) The Department may assess an annual licensing fee to cover the projected cost of licensing DUI programs.
9801.5. County Responsibilities.

(10) Establish a mechanism for reimbursement from client fees of reasonable county costs which are incurred pursuant to this chapter.

9878. Participant Fees

(b) Except as specified in (d) below, the DUI program shall set participant fees at a level sufficient to cover the cost of program services, including each participant’s share of personnel and operating expenses incurred by the DUI program in providing program services.

(c) The DUI program shall charge only the program fee or any additional fee that has been approved by the Department pursuant to this section of regulation. The DUI program shall not increase program fees or additional fees unless a request has been submitted to the county alcohol and drug program administrator and submitted to and approved by the Department.