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Central Principles

Clinical supervision is an essential part of all clinical programs ensuring quality client care and continued professional development of clinical staff.

Clinical supervision enhances staff retention and morale, Improves workplace satisfaction.


Every clinician, regardless of level of skill and experience, needs and has a right to clinical supervision. In addition, supervisors need and have a right to supervision of their supervision.

 All staff need supervision to grow and to ensure they are proficient in their role.


 Clinical supervision needs the full support of agency administrators.

 Just as treatment programs want clients to be in an atmosphere of growth and openness to new ideas, counselors should be in an environment where learning and professional development and opportunities are valued and provided for all staff.


The supervisory relationship is the crucible in which ethical practice is developed and reinforced.

Supervisors must model sound ethical and legal practices.


Supervision is where ethical issues can be addressed, and ethical decision making can be developed.


Clinical supervision is a skill in and of itself that must be developed


Being a good counselor is not enough to be a good clinical supervisor. The new skillset of understanding program and client goals must be developed.


Successful implementation of Evidenced Based Practices requires ongoing supervision.

Supervision ensure EBP are implemented and are being conducted.

Supervisors have the responsibility to be gatekeepers for the profession

Supervisors are responsible for maintaining professional standards, recognizing, and addressing, impairment and safeguarding the welfare of clients.

Clinical supervision should involve direct observation methods.

Direct observation should be the standard in the field because it is one of the most effective ways of building skills, monitoring counselor performance, and ensuring quality care.














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