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The Benefits of Training with AGMC

    • Audio available for every lesson and topic.
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    • Easy to navigate online platform.
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FAQs for AGMC Services Online Training Platform

What Types of Courses does AGMC Offer?

AGMC Services offers continuing education (CE) courses for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counselors, approved by CADTP and CCAPP, California Counselor Certifying Agencies.

How do I Create an Account?

Customer accounts are automatically created during the checkout process when purchasing a course; if you already have an account, you can log in during checkout and access future courses and certificates at the My Account link.

If you encounter any issues, such as not receiving an account creation email, check your spam folder or contact

If you have an existing account, you can log in during the checkout process when purchasing a new course.

You can change your password at the Edit Profile link in the center of your Account page.

What should I do if I don’t have a Registration or Certification number?

Enter SUDRC if you don’t have a number yet, or TEMP if it’s not available. You can update this information later in your account profile.

Courses for SUD Registrants

Registrant Orientation: SUD Counselor Ethics, Confidentiality and Boundaries
This is a required course for new SUD Registrants. Submit the course certificate to your certifying agency with your SUD registration application.

| $28 | 9.0 CEUs

Registrant Annual Renewal: SUD Counselor Ethics and Responsibility
This course fulfills the training requirement for the required annual renewal. Submit the course certificate with your annual renewal.

| $15 | 6.0 CEUs



Courses for Certified SUD Counselors

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
This course is for SUD Counselors. Learn the basics of Motivational Interviewing, a powerful client interaction tool for the SUD Counselor.

| $9.00 | 1.5 CEUs

Motivational Interviewing Skills
Take your Motivational Interviewing skills to the next level with this course.

| $15 | 3.0 CEUs

Cultural Competency
This training includes awareness, knowledge and skill-based objectives that motivate students to explore personal perspectives, understand and embrace culturally competent health promotion strategies, and engage in self-directed competency development. Based on Tap 21.

| $20 | 4.0 CEUs

Group Process Skill Development
Learn how to expertly facilitate groups for maximum engagement.

| $10 | 1.5 CEUs

Relapse Prevention
Learn the counseling skills to help your clients avoid a relapse with relapse prevention skills.

| $30 | 6.0 CEUs

Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment
This training provides learners with the knowledge needed to address all forms of sexual harassment.

| $9 | 3.0 CEUs

SUD Counselor Ethics and Confidentiality
Learn the obligations of an addiction counselor to adhere to accepted ethical and behavioral standards of conduct and continuing professional development.

| $20 | 3.0 CEUs

Anger Management
Learn about Anger Management to support your work with clients.

| $12 | 1.5 CEUs

Courses for SUD Counselor Supervisors

Clinical Supervision: Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment
Learn how to be a proactive leader in identifying, preventing, and handling sexual harassment in the workplace.

| $10 | 1.5 CEUs

Training for DUI Program SUD Counselors and Supervisors

The History and Efficacy of DUI Treatment Programs
Comprehensive training on the History and Efficacy of DUI Treatment Programs in the State of California. IMPORTANT NOTE: This training is included in the Title 9 Regulations: DUI Staff Training course. You do not need to purchase both courses.

| $15 | 1.5 CEUs

Title 9 Regulations: DUI Staff Training
Learn the key aspects of Title 9 regulations governing Driving Under the Influence programs. This course covers a portion of the educational topics required for the educational portion of the CADTP DUI Treatment Counselor Credential.

| $45 | 8.0 CEUs

I learned a lot throughout this course, it helped to increase my knowledge and skills to be an effective and competent SUD counselor. Thank You!

This was extremely helpful and updated some things I might have forgotten in my training. All and all this was an excellent experience.